According to their mission “by accelerating companies’ sustainable growth, Business Finland generates prosperity and well-being for the Finnish society.” We at GIM Robotics could not agree more. We have been blessed to be involved in several BF funded projects. Most recently, we have just started a new Co-Innovation project called MURO.

MURO (Multi-purpose service robotics as operator business) is a Business Finland funded, VTT led, Co-Innovation project with following companies providing mobile robotics solutions, related software and B2B services: Avertas Robotics, Dimalog, GIM Robotics, K. Hartwall, KONE, Navitec Systems, Solteq, Telia and Trombia Technologies.

MURO project aims to change the way service robots will be used as shared resources among various customers based on their dynamic needs. It will provide clear cost savings for those companies because they can, instead of purchasing expensive pieces of machinery with limited usage, purchase MURO-enabled services from a third-party operator when the demand arises. These different services are numerous and because they are performed by multi-purpose robots, which, as the name suggests, can perform multiple different tasks at the same time during a single mission, the operation model will be extremely cost effective. Those services include for example the usual suspects such as logistics, cleaning, security and so on.

To be able to provide the above services, the consortium will conduct a considerable amount of R&D work in various topics needed for successful operations. The robots will be able to localize themselves in all conditions and environments, create and update environmental models and have a real-time situational awareness, i.e., they need to understand what is happening around them, now and in near future. In addition, MURO robots will cooperate and interact seamlessly with the relevant stakeholders. This extensive, well-coordinated, R&D work taking place during the project will create the foundation for the successful commercialization activities in the coming years. The goal is to combine the extensive knowhow Finnish companies possess and provide them all a fighting chance to take their fair share of the rapidly growing global service robotics business.

The MURO project is a two-year project ongoing until 30 March, 2023. The total budget of the co-innovation project is app. EUR 4.9 million.

Stay tuned. We will keep you updated.

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