We know that a facelift is not something that you normally do when you are 10 years old (GIM Robotics was founded in 2014), but as we are a direct continuum of the Automation Technology Laboratory, which our academic father and GIM Robotics’ co-founder, late Professor Aarne Halme founded in 1985 at Helsinki University of Technology (Aalto University since 2010), and where some of our senior staff worked since the early 1990’s, we must honestly admit that we have some wrinkles here and there –  and not all of them are from smiling and laughing so much. To get some modern vibes into our brand and especially on our website, we contacted recommended media professionals and asked for their help; to visualise and underline the fact, that we are gradually turning a consultation company into a software product house.

Orange is the new blue

We are sure that our friends will immediately notice the changes in our colour palette. Earlier blue and white combo is still very much there, but at the same time we introduced another main colour to our company DNA – the Fire Orange. We feel that together with the slightly modified Navy Blue, those two colours create a great colour combination for years to come. 

The logo is only slightly touched

Although we gave the agency freedom to make a similar facelift for our beloved logo, we were all relieved to see that they merely balanced the text part of it and left our easily recognizable Robot-Human graphics more or less untouched.

Figure 1: The colours of GIM Robotics.

From a consultation company into a product house

The main difference in the content off the website is definitely related to our transition from a consultation and project -based house towards a product house.  We have been working very hard to get to the point when we can really start selling recurrent software licences to our clients. This year, we have really reached that stage, and our deployment teams are zigzagging on several continents to do the machine deployments and training – to support the following fleet installations – as many companies are moving from inside to outside and from 2D to 3D solutions.

Together with our friends

That transformation is something we are not doing alone. Our partnership with another great Finnish company, Navitec Systems, has been absolutely crucial, if not even game changing, in this context. It is a real pleasure to conquer the world, so to speak, together with our old friends and former colleagues.

The Finnish flavour

As summer holidays are upon us here in the Nordics, and soon also in Central Europe, we hope that you will find time to check our refreshed website. If you have been following us earlier, you will notice that we have been renaming our main products and moving from a Company-Explanatory type format, e.g., GIM-Locator, into generic Finnish words like PAIKKA (location in Finnish). We know that these names will take some time to transfer to active vocabulary outside Finland, but we believe that this is the best time to do that as the licence sales are really picking up.

Figure 2: Finnish summer is hard to beat (Copyright (c) 2022 ArtBBNV/Shutterstock.)

Double trouble

PAIKKA (3D localisation), KARTTA (3D environmental modelling), TARKKA (situational awareness), MITTA (calibration tool), KILPI (obstacle detection) and KAIKKI (turnkey solution) are short names, and all but one with that funny double consonant so prominent in Finnish language. The product names might feel like a mouthful at the beginning, but trust us, you’ll get there and in no time, you’ll sound like a Finn.

The only constant in life is change

Although we like traditions, someone might even say that a bit too much, we believe in the famous Greek quote shown above. As we have been transforming ourselves from a high-tech consultation company into a full-service product house, our company website, and our brand in general, must reflect and support that transition.

We hope that you’ll like our new look and that you’ll enjoy your visit to our renewed website.

The obligatory disclaimer. Since we got the new website, we have been ironing some bumps out and creating new material for it. There are still some work-in-progress issues, sorry for that, but at the moment, we feel confident enough to invite people to check it out.