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We currently have a team of 30 people with some of the top robotics experts in Finland. Our competence covers sensor fusion, real time 3D localization and mapping, traversability analysis, computer vision systems and dynamic object tracking.

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Jussi Suomela


Environmental Maintenance
Agriculture and Forestry
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Construction and Earth Moving
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Company background

We specialize in design, research, development and integration of intelligent robotic systems. The founders of GIM Ltd. are key persons from the Automation Technology laboratory at Helsinki University of Technology.

The name GIM has origins at the university’s former Center of Excellence in Generic Intelligent Machines. But what does it mean?

Generic means we develop technology that can be applied to all industries. For example, our 3D mapping and localization solutions are not fixed to any particular environment or sensor technology. We maintain a generic set of tools that can be utilized to tailor customer specific applications.

Intelligent machines make decisions, as opposed to traditional industrial robots that perform simple, repetitive tasks. Intelligence allows traversing in an unknown environment, facing new situations and learning from them.


Prof. Emeritus
Aarne Halme

COB, Partner

50 years of experience in mobile robotics. Pioneer in control, human-machine interfaces and integration of complex robots.

Dr. Jari Saarinen

Member of board

20 years in robotics and automation. Navigation and perception systems. Control of complex distributed systems.

Dr. JUssi suomela

COO, Partner

25 years in robotics and automation. Specialties in human-robot interaction, power, and energy systems.

Dr. Jose Luis

CTO, Partner

15 years in robotics and automation. Control systems, walking robots, nonlinear systems and stochastic systems.

Our story

In the year 1985, Prof. Aarne Halme started the Automation Technology research group in Helsinki University of Technology (nowadays Aalto University). From the start, the research focus was field and service robotics. At the time there were globally very few other reseach groups focusing on this topic.

During 25 years Halme’s group became one of the leading mobile robotics groups in the world. In 2008, the joint venture of Automation Technology laboratory and IHA from Tampere University of Technology got the Center of Excellence (CoE) status from the Academy of Finland. It was called CoE in Generic Intelligent Machines – GIM.

In 2014 Prof. Halme and the core researchers decided to commercialize the research – GIM Ltd. was founded.

Now GIM Ltd. is growing rapidly and recruiting the best brains in the robotic industry.

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