Dual-use is the key for safer future.


We are proud to be among the few DIANA pilot challenge applicants! Our main objective is to further develop our core solutions, inherently suitable for dual-use purposes, to comply with relevant NATO standards. We are introducing an affordable localization solution for armoured vehicles in GNSS-compromised environments.

We expect the DIANA Accelerator program to provide us valuable coaching and access to testing facilities, allowing us to develop the solution that our customers desire.

Additionally, we are one of the  founding members of a Business Finland funded ecosystem Digital Defence Ecosystem (DDE). DDE creates significant new business in the defence and security sector by bringing together the technological front runners from both the defence, security, and civil industries and from the research institutes. The DDE is an active participant in the latest EU and NATO initiatives in the defence industry, national locomotive projects, and international networking. The founding members of DDE were Patria, Saab Finland, VTT, Reaktor, Bittium, Unikie, GIM Robotics, EPEC, Elomatic, Solita, Tampere University, Savox, Millog, Insta, Senop and University of Jyväskylä. The ecosystem is coordinated by XD Solutions.





Localization is vital for any autonomous operations performed by mobile machines. Equally important is machine’s capability to have situational awareness (SA). Current geopolitical situation is challenging GNSS-based localization solutions more than ever. We have been developing multimodal localization and SA solutions, which provide both functionalities in GNSS challenged or even denied environments in all-weather conditions. It is based on our deep knowledge of different sensors and related in-house algorithms. Our solutions are highly modular with standardized interfaces and middleware implementations, easy to deploy to different machines and they integrate additional information sources for best possible 6D pose estimates and SA updates.