Environmental Maintenance

Operating Cases

Many tasks for automatisation

This domain has been on our agenda since the beginning of the company. We already started during our Center of Excellence of Generic Intelligent Machines (CoE-GIM) time at Helsinki University of Technology (later Aalto University), by creating land and snow moving capabilities for various Field & Service robots. The domain is extensive and includes all sorts of maintenance tasks conducted with autonomous robots or advanced mobile working machines. We have been cutting grass autonomously on parks and football fields with our own piloting robotic platforms together with Helsinki City Construction Services, STARA. We have been cleaning streets, parking halls and driving tunnels together with our long-term customer Trombia Technologies. 

All-weather requirements

Regardless of the application and the used machine, all successful environmental maintenance use cases have the same nominators as the other domains. The machine must be able to localise itself in all conditions, GNSS or not (GIM-Locator), create a detailed 3D environmental model (GIM-Mapper), in this case needed also for the actual maintenance tasks and have a real-time situational awareness (GIM-Observer) working in all weather conditions to understand what is happening around the machine.

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