GIM Robotics joins the SIX Mobile Work Machines Cluster

Intelligent mobile work machines, such as mining and forestry machines, agricultural machines, and logistic equipment, are a cornerstone of Finnish industry with machines and vehicles comprising more than 25% (15 billion €/yr.) of Finnish export.

SIX Mobile Work Machines is an industry driven cluster of Finnish mobile machine manufacturers and their key technology providers. The cluster includes companies like Sandvik, Valtra, Ponsse, Valmet Automotive and Kalmar among others. Most of them are world leaders in their own fields. To be accepted into this exclusive cluster of Finnish flagship companies is a true honour to us. 

GIM Robotics is proud to be included to this great group.


GIM Robotics has been accepted to the SIX Mobile Work Machines Cluster as a Solution partner. If GIM Robotics is anything, it is a Solution provider. Our products are generic in nature and hence we can operate widely in the horizontal direction and serve many different verticals in the mobile working machine industry. If there is a need for precise 3D- localisation or 3D environmental modelling, we can help our cluster partners. If there is a need for robust real-time situational awareness solutions for their big machines, we can surely help them there as well. 


As we have been active in this field for ages already, some of us from Helsinki University of Technology and later Aalto University research group from the early 1990’s onwards and then as GIM Robotics since 2014, we know most of the partners in advance.  As an apt prelude to our SIX cluster membership, we have been an in-kind partner in a SIX  “Future all-electric rough terrain autonomous mobile manipulators” (FUTURA) project, which focuses on exploiting electrification benefits and studying full-dynamics-based control of mobile manipulators. Project partners include several SIX Mobile Work Machines Cluster members, including  Sandvik, and it is coordinated by our old friend Professor Jouni Mattila from Tampere University.


We can hardly wait for the start of our official time in SIX Mobile Work Machines cluster. We are ready to work hard and prove our value to our fellow SIX members. Together we can turn modern mobile work machines into full-blooded field and service robots.

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