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Business Finland has this thing called Smart Forestry – and GIM Robotics is there to chip in. Forestry industry is going through an extensive transformation, with inventory, harvesting and management all going digital and data-driven.

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CHRISTMAS GREETINGS – GIM ROBOTICS – 22.12.2021 Putting a wide smile on his face again Even the youngest elves are looking angry, when the climate change makes their boss’ Christmas activities difficult to accomplish. Everybody

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AUTONOMOUS MOBILE ROBOT OR LOCOMOTIVE WITH EXTRA EYES? By Dr. Seppo Heikkilä, Lead Robotics Engineer, Squad Lead, Project Manager Climate change hampered future needs some drastic actions to turn the tide. One way is to

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THE ART OF SENSOR CALIBRATION AND INTEGRATION By  M.Sc.(Tech.) Henri Varjotie and M.Sc.(Tech.) Janne Paanajärvi How do autonomous machines see the world around them? How do their different sensor systems work together to create the

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THE GLUE THAT KEEPS COMPLEX SYSTEMS TOGETHER By TOMMI TIKKANEN, M.Sc.(Eng.), Lead Robotics Engineer, Project Manager, Team Leader, Developer Not even many engineers know what middleware is. There’s a simple reason for that — usually,

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