Everything for outdoor autonomy.

Turnkey solution for intralogistics with Navitec Systems

Infrastructure-free and all-weather conditions solution for indoor and outdoor intralogistics use cases with Navitec Systems.

Unique combination of our technologies allows:

  • Outdoor and indoor applications, also combined
  • Any kind of vehicle – 500 kg or 500 tons
  • Any type of drive system – electrical, hydraulic, any geometry
  • Any size of fleet
  • High navigation accuracy, high speed
  • Large areas up to multiple square km
  • Sensor fusion – open architecture
  • Safety system consultation
  • Any application


Paikka supports the following sensor modalities:

  • 3D LIDAR(s)
  • 2D LIDAR(s)
  • IMU
  • Wheel odometry


KAIKKI offers an easy and complete two phase journey in the field of interlogistics. The journey can start at the earliest from the moment when a drive-by-wire equipped machine will be turned into autonomous field and service robot. If the machine is equipped with the right sensors, the process starts with the utterly important extrinsic calibrations with GIM Robotics’ MITTA tool. It the machine is not equipped properly, a compact feasibility study is normally conducted to first define the Operational Desing Domain (ODD) and based on the recommendations, the sensors will be acquired and installed – and then calibrated with MITTA.

At the same time Navitec Systems’  Navitrol SW, which is the vehicle’s control software adjusted to the machines kinematics and ODD. Then GIM Robotics’s PAIKKA 3D localisation SW will be installed, tested and verified together with GIM Robotics’ TARKKA 3D situational awareness software. After integration and testing, the machine or machines is/are ready to be shipped to the operation area. On-site, the environment will be 3D modelled with GIM Robotics’ KARTTA mapping tool. And then finally, Navitec Systems’ Navithor Routing and fleet management tool will wrap everything up. It is used for route network creation according to plans and the same tool is used for finetuning the actual fleet management tasks.

After that, you just press the GO button and enjoy the ride.


A mature family of interoperable products for robust and coordinated operations  in highly demanding environments in all-weather conditions. 
Infrastructure-free, easy to integrate, deploy and maintain with user-friendly tools.
Compatible with several supported interfaces such as: ROS, ROS2, VDA5050 and Fleet Management Systems. 


KAIKKI in action at airport
NAVITROL by Navitec Systems
NAVITHOR by Navitec Systems