Out of all relevant industrial domains for hardcore mobile robotics engineers, it is very difficult to find anything more extensive than logistics. The field is so wide. Many things turn out to be logistics operations when you consider them in greater details. We have listed warehouse logistics, last mile delivery (like LMAD) terminal logistics, and retail logistics as our main fields of interest – and we are sure that we should have listed many more. You can read our short(ish) descriptions of those use cases from our website.

Case LMAD. The robot is transporting goods from hubs to customers in downtown Helsinki.

We have been working with several logistics related projects (private and public) and those have given as a clear view of the field. We know very well that a generic outdoor machine with autonomous features must have proper situational awareness capabilities, it must be able to localize itself and in many cases it must be able to do environmental modeling for various work tasks as well as for the feature-based localization. In addition, you need of course a bunch of other subsystems for safe and accurate operations. You can read more about our long history in this field and see some of our current solutions here.

Visualization how our SpOv3 robot navigates from our HQ to nearby Sello shopping mall and collects our lunches.

To serve this extensive field properly, in other words to learn various logistics use cases carefully, our guys have been participating in several relevant events in Europe now when pandemic situation is slightly relaxed, including LogiMAT and TOC.

Two of our logistics robots, the Speedster and the SpOv3, showing their moves at LogiMAT fairs in Stuttgart.

At the same time, we have been discussing with our old friends at Navitec Systems, who are specialists especially in feature-based navigation. We realized that we should join our forces to tackle larger problems and serve bigger audience, both indoors and outdoors. You can find more information about Navitec Systems – GIM Robotics partnerships here.

Navitec Systems and GIM Robotics partnership agreement signed. Now, it doesn’t make any difference where the AGVs/AMRs are moving. We can handle both outdoor and indoor cases and Navitec Systems’ Fleet Management System takes care of the multi-machine solutions.

Together, we want to help to develop machines, which can operate both indoors and outdoors. Machines that can for example pick a pallet, or tow carts, from one warehouse across a yard to another. And in best cases, those autonomous machines can pick a pallet from a shelf somewhere high up and place it onto another shelf in another building. And to do all of that without any supportive infrastructure or GNSS information in all-weather conditions. Big goals, we know, but you need to set your goals high to achieve great things.

Just like this little guy. (Photo: Besjunior / Shutterstock)


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