The summer is slowly arriving in Finland, and we have finally been able to move out from our igloos closer to our summer pastures. Covid-19 situation is getting somewhat better, and you might even see strangers talk to each other without having that minimum 2-meter distance between them. Seriously speaking, finally after two long years without any proper face-to-face fairs, expos, conferences, and toga parties, it feels so good when the world is slowly opening again. 

During the past two years, we have been working very hard in our HQ in Espoo, while following our secret RoadMap. Some of us call our HQ fondly as the GIM Hole, because it is situated on the base floor, and the sunlight is a scarce resource. While working like dwarfs in some well-known literature masterpieces, we have dearly missed face-to-face meetings with our partners, customers, and fanatic fans. We are eager to show what we have been able to mine from that huge quarry formed by GIMsters joint consciousness.  

On May 3-5th, the steel gates were opened, and we transported, in total, 7 different autonomous mobile robots to the Teknologia 22 event (Messukeskus, Helsinki), which took place just some 15 kilometers from our office. We had two presentations on the Robotics stage. We talked about our new algorithms and extensively tested software modules. We met so many old friends, customers, and robot lovers that it will take some time to process everything. We just want to say THANK YOU for everybody who visited our stand and talked about robotics. What a start for the season! We will get back to you ASAP.

Once we were released from the dungeons of the GIM Hole, there was no stopping. We are reserving plane tickets, booking ferries, checking hotels, and comparing rental cars. We are in that “Let’s get out there and show everybody what we have” mode. If you want to see that for yourself, we have listed the confirmed events below. We either have our own stand or some of our guys are participating. So, if our paths with you will be crossed in some of those events, we would very much like to sit down with you and explain what we have been mining and processing during the last two years or so. We are pretty sure that there might be some valuable gemstones for you, regardless of the type of your machine or the domain of your industry. We are not only jacks of all trades but also masters of many. 


30.5.-3.6.2022, ELROB, Eggendorf /Austria

30.5 – 3.6.2022, IFAT, Munich / Germany

31.5.-2.6.2022, LogiMAT, Stuttgart / Germany

1.-2.6.2022, Navigate 22, Turku / Finland

2.-4.6.2022, Elmia wood, Jönköping, Sweden

14-15.6.2022, SIX Future Mobile Machine, Tampere, Finland

14.-16.6.2022, TOC Europe, Rotterdam, Netherlands

28.-30.6.2022, European Robotics Forum (ERF), Rotterdam, Netherlands


TEKNOLOGIA 22 event was a real blast. It was great to see so many of our friends and customers face to face. Thank you all.


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