Together with Škoda Group, GIM Robotics is making tomorrow’s city traffic safer and more efficient.


Tram drivers work long hours in all-weather conditions – also when the nights get dark. Therefore collisions with cars, people and abandoned objects like electric scooters are not rare. Our common goal is to reduce the amount and severity of these collisions, by assisting the driver, or by automatically braking. These are functions of Škoda Group’s Anti-Collision System that is being developed jointly in the Czech Republic and Finland.


Currently, we have a real-life test setup in Tampere that is greatly accelerating our development towards a product launch. Read more about the tests and benefits in Tampere Tramway website or Aamulehti (in Finnish). GIM’s tech stack has been an important launchpad for product development; from the very beginning, it took only 9 months to achieve a functional prototype. Our world-class sensor fusion software for precise localisation has been a key enabler for the project.

STOP THE PRESS (September 21st, 2022)

Europe’s leading manufacturer of vehicles for public transport, Škoda Group, has just launched its groundbreaking Anti-Collision System at InnoTrans fairs in Berlin, Germany. InnoTrans is the leading international trade fair for transport technology and takes places every two years in Berlin.

We are pleased to inform that together with Škoda Group, GIM Robotics is helping to make tomorrow’s city traffic safer and more efficient.

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