Mammoth logistics trade show in Germany

As you can see from this short video, our robots are just as eager as we are to navigate to the fairs now when the pandemic situation is slowly getting better. We start our international tour with one of the biggest, there is, the LogiMAT. Organized in Stuttgart, Germany May 31st – June 2nd, this colossal event returns in 2022 to reaffirm its reputation as the leading international logistics trade show. An expected 1,500 international exhibitors are coming to Stuttgart to present their latest product innovations and solutions for efficient and sustainable intralogistics. 

Logistics is one of our main industry focus areas and we currently have several projects and clients in this important business area. Come and see how our technology enables to convert your machine to a fully autonomous system by providing it 3D capabilities, which work both indoors and outdoors. 

We are going there with two of our inhouse designed and manufactured logistics platforms. SpOv3, shown in the video, is our main testing platform for various logistics use cases both inside some warehouses or out in the open yards. We will take its little brother, Speedster, with us to demonstrate its capabilities in warehouse or office environments. Both of our machines perform centimetre-level 3D environmental modeling, 3D localization and they have state-of-the-art 3D situational awareness functionalities. To read more how the magic happens in GIM, read our recent blog post about our logistics solutions here:

We will be in Hall 2 / booth D39 together with one of our long-time partners, RoboSense LiDAR. We are using RS 3D LiDARs in our robots, so you will see some proper demonstrations how those beauties are creating awesome point clouds and, how our algorithms and software turn those in real-time world models and enable pinpoint accurate localizations. 

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