In the fast-paced world of technology, where startups often sprint toward funding rounds and aggressive expansions, there exists a hidden gem that many seem to forget – organic growth. This method has been the foundation of the success at GIM Robotics, a thriving software engineering company of automation and robotics settled in the heart of Espoo, Leppävaara. While funding and acquisitions can provide quick boosts of capital and market presence, organic growth offers a more stable and flexible solution that are often essential for building a resilient and enduring business.

In the early days of GIM Robotics, the extensive knowledge and skill base was recognized within our squad and instead of constantly hunting for external talent, the company invested in the GIMsters, nurturing their skills and fostering an environment where innovation and creativity were encouraged. By providing continuous learning opportunities and promoting a culture of collaboration, the squad members grew both personally and professionally with the company.

While internal growth was crucial, we also understood the importance of bringing in fresh perspectives. The recruitment process has been thorough, focusing not only on skills but also on aligning the new GIMsters passion for automation and robotics with our company’s mission, vision and values. By handpicking individuals who shared our devotion for solving problems and our commitment to excellence, we slowly built a squad that was not just skilled but also deeply motivated.

Over the past few months, we have welcomed a total of 10 new brilliant minds into our GIMster community. These additions from diverse corners of the world have not only expanded our community but they have also enriched our collective expertise. Among our recent recruits, we are proud to announce the arrival of four Ph.D. holders, each bringing a wealth of specialised knowledge to our projects. And alongside them, we’ve welcomed Senior Robotics Engineers that create a dynamic balance of fresh perspectives to our culture and processes.

PICTURE: From left to right our new GIMsters: Aku Kyyhkynen, Tousif Zaman, Simo Linkola, Jari Saarinen, Tuomas Tiira, Jussi Suomela, Sadaf Nazari, Matthieu Myrsky, Mohit Mehndiratta and Antti Sippola. Missing from the picture is Abdelrahman Abdeldaim, but you can read more about his journey in another post!

In addition to the fresh talents, we are also happy to have two of the original founders of GIM Robotics, Dr. Jari Saarinen and Dr. Jussi Suomela, rejoin and bring their expertise and passion back into the fold. Their comeback into the business side injects fresh energy, inspires innovation, and strengthens the company’s commitment to its core values. With their strategic vision and mission to make any mobile machine more intelligent, they will continue to navigate the challenges our customers present us with and drive the company towards new heights.

As our company has slowly been growing, so has our unique work culture, the GIMster community. Unlike companies driven solely by profit margins, our emphasis on organic growth allows us to create a workplace where every squad member feels valued, safe and cared for. Collaboration replaces competition, and job-shadowing or mentorships has become a cornerstone of our growth strategy. This sense of belonging and mutual respect in the community boosts morale and creativity in our squads and results in innovative solutions for our clients.

The beauty of organic growth lies in its sustainability. By nurturing our talent pool and selectively expanding our squads, we ensured the longevity of the company and profitability. Our GIMsters are deeply invested in our mission, and so they become the driving force behind our state-of-the-art solutions for our clients. This long-term approach allows us to focus on creating innovative quality products and delivering exceptional services, leading to client satisfaction and loyalty.

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